Countertechnique Workshop
w/ Tim Volleman
Week 1 | SI24-7


When: 8 – 12 July

Times: 15:00 – 18:00

Studio: LMIPA 1

Please note for your travel plans there will be an informal sharing of the week’s workshops on Friday at 18:15

About the Countertechnique Workshop:

In this workshop you get the chance to learn more about the theoretical background of Countertechnique. You will get an introduction to the ‘Countertechnique toolbox’, which offers tools for body and mind to help the dancer think about the dancing body, focusing on the process of incorporating information into action. This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of the technique. It goes further than what the format of an open class can offer, because you get more time to process the information in different ways then just repeating the steps.

“While teaching, I enjoy the process – the development of a person, mind, and body. I want to be a part of that process: observe it, guide it, and help it. I enjoy to discover new things together with the dancers, to make them think positively and objectively about themselves, their bodies and technique, and to be able to have fun and enjoy dancing. I like to create a comfortable and easy-going atmosphere where people feel free and safe to try new things and make mistakes in order to move forward and grow as a professional dancer. For me, it is important that class is not only a tool for dancers to get warm for rehearsals and shows, but also to make class an enjoyable and challenging process.  

Countertechnique is a thinking-process orientated system, which helps you to connect with the space around and inside of you, as well as with people around you. It focuses you on a very gradual warm up of the whole body and it helps you to stay present in that exact moment and space while dancing. Countertechnique teaches you to be gentle and smart with your own body and at the same time encourages you to take a risk and dance with your full, maximum range.”

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About Tim Volleman:

Born in the Netherlands, Tim has currently found his home in Bologna. His journey with Countertechnique® began during his studies at Codarts/Rotterdam Dance Academy in 2007. In 2020 he successfully attended his first Countertechnique® Teacher Training program, followed by a second CTTT in 2023, seeking for continuous growth and development. In the same year Tim also specialised in teaching workshops and curriculum work.

As a dancer, Tim performed with various companies including Project Sally, Nederlands Dans Theater II, Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble, Internationaal Dans Theater, de Stilte and National Dance Company Wales. He has collaborated with visionary choreographers such as Heidi Vierthaler, Juanjo Arques, Caroline Finn, Marcos Morau and Fernando Melo, amongst many other inspiring artists.

“From a very young age I have been fascinated by the movements of the human body. Working as a professional dancer made me question how I could preserve my body as I aged: I couldn’t accept that I would become “too old” to move the way I wanted. Countertechnique® has been my answer to that. Countertechnique® allows dancers to move all the crazy ways they are asked to and wish to, while respecting the body as an irreplaceable, precious instrument. As a teacher, sharing this knowledge gives me great joy, empowering others to (re-)discover their body and find enjoyable ways to partner with it for the rest of their lives.”


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w/ Tim Volleman
Week 1 | SI24-7”

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