Partnering Workshop
Collectief MAMM
Week 3 | SI24-16


When: 22 – 26 July

Times: 15:00 – 18:00

Studio: HJS Studio 6/7

Please note for your travel plans there will be an informal sharing of the week’s workshops on Friday at 18:15

About the Collectief MAMM Partnering Workshop:

Maxime and Mees founded Collective MAMM, based in Amsterdam. Their work explores the borders of dance and acrobatics. They will teach and share their knowledge of the past 4 years of training partner work together. In this workshop, they will focus on different lifts, not using strength, but sharing the momentum to move another body, therefore making no distinction between men and women. They will build trust by explaining ways to share each other’s weight and build up throughout the workshop to bigger lifts. Bringing this into practice they will teach some MAMM repertoire, sharing the movement language they developed together.

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About Mees & Maxime:

Maxime Abbenhues en Mees Meeuwsen met each other at the Urban Contemporary Dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), where they both graduated in 2020. They started training with each other in the studio because they both wanted to focus more on partnering and acrobatics. A year, and a lot of bruises later, Collective MAMM was born. Since then, they’ve created 4 productions together. Their work was seen at a.o. Karavaan Festival, SSBU (Future is Now), Winterkaravaan, Dance Flavours, Cafe Theater Festival, and from this summer on also internationally in Italy, France and Germany. They’re one of the Makers of ICK New Adventures 2023.

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Collectief MAMM
Week 3 | SI24-16”

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