Upside Down Inside Out w/ Šuka Horn | Winter Intensive | 2023-38


Teacher: Šuka Horn

When: 18 – 20 December | 13:00 – 15:00

Where: Studio 1

About the workshop:

This workshop aims to inspire the participants to move with playful joy and a sense of harmony. In combination with some basic knowledge about the body, these qualities allow us to safely develop skills and expand personal abilities. Part of my ongoing research is the simultaneous development of both external and internal qualities- the integration of my love for raw physical challenge and my interest in moving with awareness and ease.

During the class we will explore standing material and floor work, drawing inspiration from my training in contemporary dance, acrobatics and urban dance. Additionally, we will investigate movement games as a way to remove the boundaries between formal training and real-life situations. My curiosity and experience with a variety of approaches for the development of “body, heart & mind” have influenced my way of thinking, moving and teaching.

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About Šuka Horn:

Šuka Horn was born and raised in Germany, where he began training in breakdance at the age of 12. During his dance studies at Codarts University in Rotterdam, he completed an internship with “18 monkey dance theatre” in Bangkok. After graduating, he worked with R.O.P.A. in Spain and created a solo piece with the support of Dansateliers Rotterdam. In 2020, Šuka relocated to Athens to join Dimitris Papaioannou’s production “Transverse Orientation”, which led to the creation of “INK”. After finishing a world tour with “Transverse Orientation”, Šuka is currently touring with “INK” and also teaches classes to students and professionals at universities, festivals, and dance studios.

Photos by Julian Mommert, Kim Jubin and Lorena Dumitrașcu.


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