Simon Bus Workshop | Winter Intensive | 2023-39


Teacher: Simon Bus

When: 21 – 22 December | 13:00 – 16:00

Where: Studio 1

About the workshop:

Simon’s background in breaking, studying at visual art academy and his experience in performing arts & theatre defines the way he approaches his practice.

Simon Bus will guide you in continuing your research with a focus on exploring the qualities of movement at ground level, sharing his journey in improvisation, tools to deconstruct body forms, discover distorted flow and expand your physical possibilities beyond limits.

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About Simon Bus:

For Simon Bus (b. 1989), dance is synonymous with singularity. As a B-boy, he already developed his very own movement language. From there it was only a small step to autonomous artistry. With his investigative gaze and hyperflexible body, he stretches ideas about breakdance.

The discomfort of everyday existence is an important source of inspiration for Simon. The play between having control and yet losing it again remains a recurring theme. Simon’s work is sharp, brutal without losing a sense of humor.

Photo by: Renate Beense


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