Juliano Nunes Repertoire
w/ Ève-Marie Dalcourt
Week 3 | SI24-19


When: 22 – 26 July

Times: 15:00 – 18:00

Studio: Studio 1

Please note for your travel plans there will be an informal sharing of the week’s workshops on Friday at 18:15

About the Juliano Nunes Repertoire Workshop:

Come learn some repertoire from the iconic @nunes.art! I’ll pass along some valuable knowledge that I’ve learned through the past 5 years working for him as a dancer and assistant. We will be remounting excerpts from one of our latest creations called ‘O’Clock’, diving into some solo material, group phrases and even partnering! Although Nunes’ work consistently draws from classical ballet technique, this specific repertoire is one of his most contemporary ones offering a satisfying balance between the use of lines and natural flow.

I always attempt to shape my workshops in a way that you can leave with practical takeaways that will prove useful beyond the material we are learning in class. I consider this to be the most rewarding objective to focus on for the participants. We’ll be deepening our understanding of opposition, groundedness and weight transfers, making time to unlock musicality, texture and solidify unusual points of initiations. Nunes’ movement language is truly the ideal vessel to explore all these fundamentals of dance. I can say without a doubt that his approach and vision has changed entirely my way of perceiving and accomplishing movement.

Furthermore, I will add my personal touch to this workshop by putting extra attention on the ‘how’ to develop our own sense of artistry and individuality within a set repertoire. because… we’re not just movers, we’re artists!!


And most important… I promise it will be FUN!


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About Ève-Marie Dalcourt:

Ève-Marie, a multi-faceted artist from Montreal, Canada, started her dance career as a dancer with the Nederlands Dans Theater ll. Eager to support and facilitate new initiatives and artistic voices, she decided in 2019 to become a freelance artist. She has since worked multiple times with the Korzo Theater, Klever Dance, Diego Tortelli, Antonin Rioche and Juliano Nunes. Furthermore, she was entrusted with the role of assistant and repetitor for both Alexander Ekman and Juliano Nunes, allowing her to stage pieces on the the Paris Opera Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet, Staatsballett Berlin and the Birmingham Royal ballet.


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w/ Ève-Marie Dalcourt
Week 3 | SI24-19”

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