Flow Acrobatics
w/ Kenan Dinkelmann
Week 2 | SI24-10


When: 15 – 19 July

Times: 11:30 – 14:00

Studio: LMIPA 2

Please note for your travel plans there will be an informal sharing of the week’s workshops on Friday at 18:15

About the Flow Acrobatics workshop:

The Flow Acrobatics workshop deals with the thematics of body awareness and full body coordination. The participants will get to know the concept in a playful way by integrating new movement patterns which are based on fluidity, resilience and lightness and have their origin in capoeira and contemporary dance.

Taking inspiration from martial arts and yoga, the warm up has the purpose to tune the dancers into a clear and subtle state of body and mind before their practice and execution. Challenging postures alongside movement flow with circular motions and spirals will be introduced in order to provide better awareness of the body, especially for wrists and legs.
The warm up is followed by a series of movement patterns used as a tool to explore the mechanics of the spine. Introducing dynamics of balancing, stabilizing, falling, rolling, flipping and melting down in order to maintain flow without unnecessary tension. The patterns will increase in complexity and then be linked into longer sequences with acrobatic elements.

The main part of the seminar consists of high energy movement phrases based on Kenan’s choreographic work which is influenced by various backgrounds such as Capoeira, Judo, Release-Technic and Breakdance. Improvisation tasks will be present during the whole workshop in order to explore the movement material from another viewpoint.

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Kenan grew up in Passau, Germany and graduated from Artez, School of Dance, Arnhem with a BA of performing arts and completed the SEAD postgraduate program Bodhi Project directed by Susan Quinn where he toured works by Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, Martin Nachbar and Robert Clark in Europe. As freelance dancer Kenan worked with Johannes Wieland, Marion Sparber, Ivan Perez, Unterwegstheater, and Anton Lachky. From 2015 till 2017 he joined the dance company of Stadttheater Bielefeld where he danced in works by Wim Vandekeybus, Simone Sandroni, and Sharon Fridman.

Kenan is a guest teacher at Stadttheater Bielefeld, Marameo Berlin, TRAK Dance Ensemble, and Tanzbüro Basel. Furthermore, he tours his Flow Acrobatics workshops in Europe and offers online training programs and online coaching. As a choreographer Kenan created the piece „Astral“ which premiered in Sofia, Bulgaria with further shows in Dock11 Berlin and Arnhem, Netherlands. In 2022 he choreographed the show „Demon Cleaner“ for the Popballet which was premiered in Prague, as well as „Tenki“ for the Movement Project at Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv.

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w/ Kenan Dinkelmann
Week 2 | SI24-10”

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